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The Bike and Brunch Newsletter

The Spirit of Volunteerism

As many of you know, Bike & Brunch is a volunteer organization. Its success can be attributed to those who have donated a most valuable commodity these days: time. Included on this year's board are some of our "founding fathers and mothers." Additionally, Michele Graber (Secretary) and David Armoza (UJA ride) help round out the dedicated crew that work to make B&B one of the most visible and diverse organizations of its kind.

Due to our aggressive schedule, there is always room for those members who want to become active by volunteering. Donate your skills or time to the cause. Write an article for the Newsletter. Help with one of the weekend trips. Flip burgers at one of the barbecues. Lead a ride. We'd love to have your support, so call us directly or leave a message on the hotline (301-881-BIKE).

Here's the names of those nice folks who already donate their time.

Rides, Simone Frank
Weekend Trip, Linda Wallerstein
Membership, Linda Wallerstein
Social, Nancy Hankin
Newsletter, Steve Korman
Finance, Scott Cohen
Board Member, Ken Gruber
Board Member, Sharon Robinson
President, Gary Ehrlich

In the spirit of promoting web technology we have also included this handy form if you'd like to volunteer. Fill out the form below, or if your browser cannot handle forms, email us.

Your Name:

Your Email address:

I love Bike and Brunch. I'd like to volunteer for:

Please note: the article text has been slightly modified from the original that appeared in our printed newsletter.