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The Bike and Brunch Newsletter

Riding on the Cybertrail

Though we cherish those balmy Sundays where we take our bikes out and enjoy the countryside, if we're looking for information on biking, the Internet is a much more valuable tool than a set of Allen wrenches. By conducting a few targeted Internet searches, and letting your mouse do the pedaling, you can find some interesting and fun bike-related web sites. Whether you prefer Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, or HotBot, each search engine delivers different results. You can find anything related to biking including tours, advocacy groups, manufacturers, accessories, mountain biking, and teams and clubs.

If you'd like to take a moment from the workday to relax, check out some of the sites listed below:

Also, feel free to check out and participate in a bike-related news group. They can be a wonderful source of information.