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The Bike and Brunch Newsletter

The Long and the Shorts of It

For those interested, once you get serious enough about bike riding it is a good idea to consider what clothing you need. As a minimum, you will need a pair of shorts, a jersey, gloves and a helmet. Cycling shorts are best if they are spandex, and have some padding. A cycling jersey is better than a T-shirt, since it will breathe better and also offer less wind resistance. Padded gloves cushion the hands and arms from shocks and reduce numbness which can be encountered when riding for a long time. Helmets, of course, keep your head in one piece.

When it comes to cycling, there comes a time when one must take the plunge and buy his/her first pair of cycling shorts. The best material is a spandex short with padding in all the right places. When biking longer distances, you will tend to pedal at a moderate to high rate. When peddling at these speeds, baggy clothes, even underwear, can start chafing. It won't surprise you to discover that you need something to deal with moisture from your privates. Cycling shorts are usually made from lycra and are lined with pads to wick moisture. More expensive shorts will tend to use better materials to accomplish these ends (no pun intended), but the goal is to provide a more comfortable ride. For those spandex-phobic, there's always biking undies which allow you to comfortably bike in those stylish Bermudas.