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The Bike and Brunch Newsletter

Safety First

With the tragic death of triathlete Judy Flannery, it's never to late to review basic bicycling safety. By paying attention and obeying some easy to remember rules, you can make your Sunday Bike & Brunch rides safe and enjoyable for everyone.

1. Always wear a helmet.

2. When riding in a group, stay single file unless you are confident you are riding on a road with little traffic.

3. Be courteous to motorists.

4. Always be aware of what is going on around you. Keep your eyes up and your ears open.

5. Make sure your bike is properly maintained.

6. Hold your line - don't swerve.

7. Remember to alert other riders to cars (Car Up, Car Back) and other hazards (glass, potholes, gravel)

Drink Up!

As we enter the heart of the biking season, we can expect record heat and humidity. But then again it's Washington. Your body needs fuel in order to operate effectively and efficiently. Lightheadedness can be a common complaint if you're biking in the heat and humidity. It occurs when your blood sugar drops too low, and your brain gets inadequate fuel (keep the sarcastic comments to a minimum here). Eat and drink something before you exercise and continue as you ride. If you start when you're hungry and thirsty, it's probably too late. A good rule we've heard is to take a swig every 15 minutes. Many companies now have energy boosters high in carbs, potassium and natural sugars which are pudding like in texture. Look for GU, PowerGel and Clif Shot. They may not be dinner at O'Donnels, but when you've hit the bonk, it's better than the daily special.